Hello! and welcome to SideNote. We are dedicated to provide youths with the right supports, tips and guidance as they debut their journey overseas and live a successful life while in a foreign country.

Side note is hosted by D-Terence: A Cameroon national currently rescinding in Germany, he has a corporate job, does music on the side, owns a podcast, is a writer and is working on launching his own clothing brand MGDH. David shares his experience and journey in the episodes of Side Note in the hopes of inspiring other expats to live a successful life.

SideNote podcast & Blog episode can be listened to and read by anyone; however our target audience is mainly youths embarking on journeys overseas. We are providing the right tool kit, anecdote and advice to help settle in, live a successful life and thrive while abroad.

SideNote was launched on July 10th with our first episode addressing the main things to be mindful of when planning to travel abroad.


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